Youth Camps & K-12 Field Trips

Youth Camps

CHAKRA CIRCUS® 2024 Spring Break Camps, April 12 and April 15.  Camps are 8:30am – 3:30pm.  The 2024 Summer camp dates run May 30 – August 9 and will be loaded soon.  You can sign up for one day at a time, or the full week.  To see dates, go to Schedule and Sign up tab, then Youth Camp tab.  $70 per day.

Come One, Come All, to the Greatest Kids Camp on Earth.  (Well, we think it is!)  CHAKRA CIRCUS® camps are in session.

We love kids, and kids love Learning2Fly!  We believe it takes a whole village to raise a child, and we’d love to be part of your village.  We host K-12th grade camps and homeschool groups year round.  Be sure to check out our weekly aerial classes for kids and teens.  We have many offerings for kids. We hope to see them thAIR!  

CHAKRA CIRCUS® Field Trips can be scheduled for your homeschool or public school. 

  • Cancellation Policy:   No Refunds three weeks prior to camp.
  • Weekly Parent and Child Aerial Silks Class – This weekly class every Saturday 11:15 AM – 12:15PM is a great way to spend time with your child.  Or gather a few of your close friends and their kids and schedule your very own P&C session.  For one adult and one child 6-13 years old, it’s only $30.  An extra child is $15.

Any size class

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K-12 Field Trips

WANTED:  Curious minds and energetic bodies for fun AND education! Teachers, administrators, and parents love our educational focus.  Kids love it because our field trips are fun.  Call us for a tour. 913-262-2600 or email

Health education is imperative, and at Learning2Fly we incorporate seven habits of health in a fun, unforgettable circus theme.  Our homeschool, public school, and private school excursions are sure to please kids, parents, and educators.

Bring your preK-12 grade students to CHAKRA CIRCUS®.  We inspire students of all ages in fun and engaging ways.

Each Field Trip includes:

  • a high energy aerial fitness class
  • team building activity
  • creative movement in the hammocks, learning about spinal health
  • discussion of seven super powers of health and how to apply to life
  • individual art project related to the seven superpowers of health

Seven Chakras, Seven Universal Health Themes

CHAKRA CIRCUS®  Our unique program of seven superpowers of health have been used for over a decade.  We champion these fun, educational healthy habits in entertaining and practical ways.  Together, we can provide inspiration and knowledge to influence positive health changes in children.

Chakras are believed to be the building blocks of human nature.  They correspond to the physical elements of nature and fundamental aspects of human experience such as the need for health, creativity, positive emotional self-expression, love, social connection, etc.  Learning these 7 habits of health will pave the way for children to make healthier choices.