Welcome home.  We love introducing “regular folk” to the fun world of aerial fitness, but we’ve trained teachers all over the metro, and several students have gone on to Circus School and even opened their own studios.  So whatever your aerial aspirations are, we can help.  Our motto – YES.  YOU.  CAN.  And we’ll prove it too.

Learning2Fly Studio is located inside Sunflower GYROTONIC® AT 5636 Johnson Drive in Mission, KS 66202.  #missionbusinessdistrict


Classes for New Students

  1. Intro to Aerial Silks – Basics
  2. Intro to Aerial Silks – Basics for Bigger Bodies – Any Body
  3. Intro to Aerial Silks – Basics for Teens
  4. Intro to Silks for the 50+ Crowd
  5. Aerial Yoga: Restore Your Spine
  6. Intro to ABC – Aerial Boot Camp – Mixed Apparatus  (For kids 9+ and adults!)
  7. Intro to Aerial Silks – Basics for Kids
  8. Date Night!  Intro to Aerial Silks for Couples  –  Monthly!
  9. Parent and Child Aerial Fitness  –  Monthly!
  10. Check out our day-long CHAKRA CIRCUS® youth camps – Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall Breaks.

Beyond a beginner?  Or Looking for classes other than aerial?  Check out our other offerings:

  1. Adult Aerial Silks, Level 3-4


Email for details!

Intro to Aerial Silks – Adult Basics

$22 per class / Pack1478age of 5 for $110

Wednesday, 6:30PM – 7:30PM

Thursday 6:00PM – 7:00PM

Saturday 11:15AM – 12:15PM.

Tuesday, Fridays, and Sundays are rsvp’d for your special party – Sports group, scouts, birthdays, family parties.

***Please sign up to be sure you have a spot!***

This is the place to discover the true fun of aerial silks, AND get a great workout, or both because we aim to please at Learning2Fly.  This class will introduce you to the very basics of climbing, how to do a proper foot lock, and other skills and drills to build your strength and flexibility.  You’ll learn the aerial vocabulary, essential to your growth as an aerialist.  Flight school was never so much fun until now.

Bring your camera because you will do more than you ever expected, and all with a smile and the laughter and encouragement of your new friends. Learning2Fly is the best and cheapest therapy after a long day.  Your discipline and level of commitment is the only thing you need to excel.


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Intro to Aerial Silks – Basics for Bigger Bodies

$22 per class / Package of 5 for $110

First and Third Monday from 6:00PM – 7:00PM, but you can come to any Basics class.     

This class started in response to the many calls from mostly women telling me,

  • “I really want to do this but I’m 30 pounds overweight.”
  • “I was so inspired when I saw Pink perform, but I know I’m a little out of shape and overweight.”
  • “I’ll never be able to do Aerial fitness classes because I’m so out of shape.”

So “Bigger Bodies” was born. Remember, your thoughts are the only things holding you back.  This class caters to anyone who has a bigger body but still wants to fly.  And guess what?  If you’re asking ‘I wonder what the weight limit is, it’s 10,000 pounds.  We got you covered. YES. YOU. CAN.

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Intro to Aerial Silks – Basics for Pre-Teens/Teens Ages 12-17

$22 per class / Package of 5 for $110 

Teens can come to any adult class.  See adult schedule,

Wednesday 6:30PM – 7:30PM

Thursday 6:00PM – 7:00PM

Saturdays 11:15AM – 12:15PM

Bring your teen to an empowering class of physical and mental fitness.  If your child is an athlete, they’ll love this new challenge each week.  If your teen doesn’t like the competitiveness of traditional sports – they’ll love our positive psychology focus and ruthlessly compete with yourself approach.

Build strength, improve flexibility, tone the core – there are so many reasons why this class will put a smile on your teens face.  As they gain strength, they’ll learn more complex moves, including drops and dives.  Their self-esteem will get a boost, along with their biceps.

Say YES to regaining and improving muscle tone, strength, balance, abdominal strength. Teens will develop the “I-Can-Do-It” attitude that makes our studio stand out from the rest.  YES.  TEENS.  CAN.

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Intro to Silks for Every Body

$25 per class / Package of 5 for $120

Wednesday 6:30PM – 7:30PM and Thursday 6:00PM – 7:00PM 

OR Schedule a private class with your friends.  Call 913-262-2600, or


Are you and your retired friends, partners, husband, wife, bored?  Spice up your activity, add strength to your body, add pep to your step.  No matter your age or physical experience, come as you and get better from your own starting point. 

With patience and a regular commitment, you will discover muscles you forgot you had.  Say YES to regaining and improving muscle tone, strength, balance, abdominal strength, and the “I-Can-Do-It” Attitude of the young.

We welcome any age from teen up, any body shape, and any fitness level.  Come discover for yourself what aerial silks can do for you!  Because you CAN.

Say YES to your power, strength, and friends.  Say YES to community and supporting friends in flight!  YES.  YOU.  CAN. 

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Aerial Yoga: Restorative

$22 per class, $110 for package of 5

Coming soon: back on the schedule but you can RSVP your group for an aerial yoga class anytime

YES, please bring your yoga mat to class. Experience the benefits of tractioning your spine, essential if you sit a lot.  Inversion therapy at it’s best.  (but you can still receive benefits of spinal elongation without going upside down.)  There is NO climbing in this rejuvenating class.   Relax and experience the incredibly restorative effects of breathing, decompressing spine, energizing internal organs, improved joint range of motion, and a boost to your immune system.  You’ll deepen awareness and strength of core stabilizing muscles too.

Whether you are physically active or have a more sedentary lifestyle, Aerial Yoga is a great way to enjoy the benefits of stretching, improved posture, and more range of motion.  Even people with chronic neck or back issues can safely experience pain relief.  YES.  YOU.  CAN. 

PLEASE READ: Make sure you tell instructor if you have any contraindications for inversions.  You will be given modifications. 

  • Eye problems related to pressure, sinus blockages, high blood pressure, pregnancy, history of heart related problems or strokes.

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Intro to ABC – Aerial Boot Camp – Mixed Apparatus

 ***Great for adults AND kids ages 10 and up!***

$22 per class

Schedule a private class with your friends.  Call 913-262-2600, or 

Imagine a playground for adults, where you flow through a circuit of different aerial apparatus; silks, hammocks, cloud swing, smooth rope, trapeze, and lyra.  We will peak your interest, your funny bone, and your biceps in the same class.  Men really love this class.  It’s a cross between rock climbing, Pilates, the jungle gym, and dodgeball – without the ball.  What am I trying to say?  This class is a great workout and you won’t feel like you’re working out.  It’s fun!  We laugh!  We’re challenged to new edges.  AND we never get sore at Learning2Fly.  We only become more and more AWARE of how strong we are getting.  Come join fellow flyers.

This is another great class for beginners and more advanced students will continue to be challenged.  Each apparatus offers something truly unique.  It’s great cross training for other sports or activities.  YES.  YOU.  CAN.

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Intro to Aerial Silks – All Levels for KIDS Ages 6-12

$18 per class

Monday and Thursday, 4:45PM – 5:45PM

Saturday 10:00AM – 11:00AM

***Please sign your child up to be sure they have a spot!***

This starter class for kids will introduce them to aerial fitness, and increase their strength and confidence.  They’ll also have fun meeting new friends.  Includes physical conditioning, terminology, learning new skills in silks and hammocks.  Students will enjoy learning the fundamentals and watching themselves get better.  YES.  KIDS.  CAN.

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Date Night – Intro to Aerial Silks for Couples

Wednesday 6:30PM – 7:30PM and Thursday 6:00PM – 7:00PM.  You can also schedule a private class with your friends.  Call 913-262-2600, or

Plan your group’s outing anytime.  Parties start at $200 for up to 9 people.4400

Are you and your partner, husband, child, wife, friend, co-worker looking for something fun and unique to do on a Saturday night? 

Before you head out for dinner and a movie, come discover all the possibilities within you.  You’ll surprise yourself with the gentle guidance and encouragement of our instructors.  Increase strength and flexibility by learning basic poses and climbs.  

Say YES to your power, strength, and friends. Say YES to community and supporting friends in flight!

We welcome, any date, any body shape, any fitness level.  You’ll discover for yourself what aerial silks can do for you! B ecause you and your friend CAN at any age.  YES.  YOU.  CAN. 

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Parent & Child Aerial Fitness Class

Saturday 11:15AM – 12:15PMDSC00494

$30 per class – one adult, one child age ages 5-12.                                         $15 per additional child

Join us for this awesome workout and bonding experience with your child.  We are passionate about health, family, and community as we climb, swing and laugh our way to better health. Memories and pictures will be cherished for a long time. Kid and parent tested and approved! YES. YOU. CAN.

Schedule a private parent and child class with your friends.  Call 913-262-2600, or

Other Classes

See our Youth Camp tab for winter, spring, summer, and fall youth camps when kids are out of school.  Rent one of our three studios for your very own camp or workshop.  See Parties & Rentals page.

intro to aerial silks level 1 -2Aerial Silks – Level 2-3

$25 per class / Package of 5 for $120 

Any class is modified for our Level 2-3 students.  

You will need instructor permission for this class because we light things on fire while doing triple back handsprings from the silks onto galloping horses. Okay, kidding! Okay so you got your feet wet a little, I mean you got your feet wet, I mean off the ground, and now you’re ready to dive in for a little more. Now what? Aerial Silks, Level 2,3  is your next class. Once you’ve mastered certain skills and many climbs are a cinch, you will learn drops and dives, all with a smile on your face. You will see continued growth with more challenging drills and skills. You’ll start to weave sequences together to help you build your endurance in the air. You’ll see there is always more ways to grow, learn, and discover what you’re made of. Nuff said! YES. YOU. CAN. (with teacher permission)

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Learning2Fly is your PARTY CENTRAL! Birthdays, bachelorette parties, girl and boy scouts, dance teams, networking events – you name it, we’ll host it!  Email for details


Looking for a unique party event for your special occasion?  We’ll leave you hanging, and smiling after class is over.  Aerial fitness parties are the best way to have fun, create memories you’ll cherish, and stay fit with your friends, coworkers, and family.  

The sky is the limit at Learning2Fly, so think outside the box.

We look forward to growing together in mind, body and spirit.