Welcome to Flight School

Flight Rule #1

You may not use the word “can’t,” except in TWO sentences:

  1. “There’s nothing I can’t do.” Honestly, that’s the truth of it. If you practice anything you can do it, and this motto certainly applies to these aerial classes.
  2. “I can’t fail when I trust in the wisdom that created me.” We were created by an infinitely loving Source or Spirit that is wise. Each of us IS here for a reason and our lives are a ‘choose your own adventure’ to discover that reason for ourselves. How much fun is that?

Flight Rule #1 was applied shortly after opening Learning2Fly in April 2010. It was amazing how many times Sumya heard someone use the word in one 75 minute class. The good news is: if you do use the word, we REWARD you. But you’ll have to come to the studio to see what that is. I know, I know, pretty nice of us to reward you when you break a rule. You sure wouldn’t get a raise if you showed up late to work every day. But we believe, like Pavlov, that behaviors are more likely changed through a system of rewards than with punishments.

If you say it, and quickly correct yourself, then you don’t have to do the pushups. For example, if you say, “I can’t do a pull-up, I mean, at this moment, I am unable to do a pull-up.” That is speaking affirmatively. We want you to understand and use the power of your words in good ways. It is our hope that this rule seeps into your life.


Flight Rule # 2 and Flight Rule #3

These are Ancient Circus Secrets! You’ll just have to come to class. Ooh, inquiring minds want to know.


What to Wear and Bring to Class

Wear stretchy clothes. Yoga pants are great, but no bell bottoms or anything loose around the ankles. Capri length is best, just below the knees. T-shirt, tank top, and we will be barefoot. Most importantly, wear a big happy grin from ear to ear and wear tie dye if you want to be teacher’s pet. Bring a water bottle, and maybe a small hand towel if you’re the sweaty type.

We look forward, and upward, to seeing you soon.

Love, Sumya